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We just had the best little adventure in Woodbury, CT. In the space of about 4.5 hours, we climbed to the top of an 80-foot structure with a ridiculous view (higher than the tree tops). Then we drove less than a mile to get to our friend Cathy B’s new store, which is so exciting for us Litchfield County lovers of good fashion. Culminating with, you guessed it, food and a light afternoon beverage, at El Camión. Fresh tacos al fresco with a Mexican beer on a sunny Saturday afternoon, ahh. Watch out for many more of these Litchfield County day trip adventures!

Yoga instructor Ellen Barrett is exceptional in her field. Yogini and fitness video aficionado, we’re extremely lucky to have access to her classes in this area. So, when we spied that she was teaching yoga at Salt of the Earth in Woodbury, we said sign us up…and sign up six of our friends too! We love to try new things, it’s the reason we started the blog. Practicing yoga in a salt cave would certainly be a new thing for all of us! Read on to see how we did…

John’s Café

Restaurant: John’s Cafe, Woodbury

When you are hankering for: A “bistro-style dining experience featuring fresh, innovative New American dishes that often resonate a Mediterranean flair.”

Today’s occasion: We were both hungry. It was our first outing since Lora got married. We were celebrating carbs being back on the table. 

Cathy B

Cathy B is a new biz that we’re jumping up and down excited to tell you about! Cathy Boskoff is the owner of a new store based in Woodbury, bringing some really awesome fashionable finds to the area.

We met via Instagram (usual story, mutual #gentlestalking) and after a two-hour non-stop laughing and talking dinner at The White Horse, an instant friendship was made. She is a kindred spirits in our love of fashion, who is searching for unique, nobody-else-will-have-it things; be it, purses, shoes, scarves, clothing, jewelry… we could go on and on! Check out our pics to see some of the treasures we speak of…

Elizabeth Richard

With my wedding fast approaching, it was time to do some “wedding registering” at one of my favorite stores, Elizabeth Richard in Woodbury, CT. With brand names like Waterford, Kate Spade, Mariposa, Spode, and Vietri, to name a few, I knew it was the perfect place to register with Michael….

Whoa, we’re all over Litchfield County this week on the blog! Today we’re sharing our dinner and conversation with Carole Peck at her infamous restaurant in these parts, Good News Cafe, Woodbury. When we say sharing our dinner, understand we’re sharing Lora’s amazing photos…there were certainly no leftovers! 


We think your mom/aunt/granny/fabulous female in your life would love any one of these gifts on our list!

We did the legwork and visited each of these 10 Litchfield County businesses to get the low-down on what they consider is THE perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Check it out, and remember, we always approve of treating thine own self!

Monique Shay is the matriarch of the family run business, Monique Shay Antiques and Designs, located in Woodbury and established in 1980. We went along to visit and interview Monique at her beautiful barn store and to learn a little bit about French-Canadian antiques – her nationally recognized expertise. Monique was born in the Normandy region of France and has such a lovely French accent. Swing by and say hello next time you’re in the area (and say hi to her adorable dog Gigi too)!

Elizabeth Richard

Are you currently in freak-out mode about doing all your gift shopping? Or, do you always find yourself in a pickle over what to get for niece X, aunt Y, or friend Z? Welp, you’re going to be happy to know about this place!

Meet Lori and Arthur Greene, parents of Gillian Elizabeth and Dermot Richard, and owners of Elizabeth Richard gift store in Woodbury.


Come with us as we browse the store – we’ll show you some of our favorite things and who knows, maybe you’ll spot a thing or two – for someone on your gift list, or for you – nobody’s judging.

The store carries gifts and wares for every occasion…and we mean EVERY occasion. You’d be hard-pressed not to find something for X, Y, and Z here!