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Onyx II

I’m pretty sure that neither Lora nor I have ever been as laden in fine jewelry as we were the day we went to visit Daniel Sanchez and James Murphy at Onyx II Fine Jewelry. Located in Watertown, we asked if we could visit, play dress-up with all of their precious gems, and perhaps have a little Prosecco and ask a Q or 2.¬†ūüėĀ

Elizabeth Richard

With my wedding fast approaching, it was time to do some “wedding¬†registering” at one of my favorite stores, Elizabeth Richard in Woodbury, CT. With brand names like Waterford, Kate Spade, Mariposa, Spode, and Vietri, to name a few, I knew it was the perfect place to register with Michael‚Ķ.

Mother Earth Gallery, Made by Nature, Made by Hand is a special and unique store. If you’ve visited it in the past, you most likely loved it. How can you not love beautiful stones and crystals produced by Mother Earth herself, and all things healing and calming? The store¬†was located at the Brookfield Four Corners area for 28 years¬†since the store opened in 1987, and most recently (since 2015) at its brand new location at 449 Danbury Road, New Milford.

Lora is very much in tune with her crystals and such; me, not so very much. But, I certainly do appreciate these things, just am never quite sure how to go about using them in day-to-day life. Soooo, I decided to make this an informative feature and asked owner Leslie Gera, just “how do you use crystals in day-to-day life?”

This entire post is brought to you by Terston¬†and the letter S – for stylin’! We’ll tell you more about the store in Kent, and chat with owner Geraldine Woodruff tomorrow. For now, enjoy a purely fashion blog post! All clothing available from the store.

“Every bride is beautiful. It‚Äôs like newborn babies or puppies. They can‚Äôt help it.‚ÄĚ Emme Rollins

Well, that’s a relief! It takes a little of the pressure off…but seriously, read on to see why The Wedding Embassy is where I chose to find my gown and my bridal party’s dresses.


We think your mom/aunt/granny/fabulous female in your life would love any one of these gifts on our list!

We did the legwork and visited each of these 10 Litchfield County businesses to get the low-down on what they consider is THE perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Check it out, and remember, we always approve of treating thine own self!

Monique Shay is the matriarch of the family run business, Monique Shay Antiques and Designs, located in Woodbury and established in 1980. We went along to visit and interview Monique at her beautiful barn store¬†and to learn a little bit about French-Canadian antiques – her nationally recognized expertise. Monique was born in the Normandy region of France and has such a lovely French accent.¬†Swing by and say hello next time you’re in the area (and say hi to her adorable dog Gigi too)!

I don’t know about you, but we LOVE a good wardrobe purge. Consigning is the perfect way to “out with the only slightly old, but in excellent condition” and “in with the new-to-you.” Or, you can cash out and take a¬†check at the end of a month!

We took our bag (Lora)/bags¬†(Bev) along to Rebecca Christine’s Consignment Boutique in Marbledale, to see which of our items would make the cut.

J McLoughlinJ McLaughlin

We admit it. We’re a couple of women who really, really, like clothes.¬†We’d almost go as far as to call fashion our hobby! Hence, when we knew we were going to be visiting Winvian Farm for an upcoming Getaway feature, we wanted to look the part. We decided that J. McLaughlin had the look we were going for. Pretty, wearable, casual, chic, and amazing quality fabrics.

So, in true blogging fashion, we decided to make a day/blog post out of our visit to Washington Depot. Here’s “A day in the Depot!”

Although we come to Cafe 202, housed within the Housatonic Trading Company, all the time, (best coffee and pastries around!) we have yet to do a feature about them. It was time to change that, so we told Robert Graham, owner of the two businesses to be ready, we were coming in to interview him. Located in Bantam on Rt 202, it’s the perfect stop for us when we’re dashing around Litchfield County on our various adventures. And the pastries, OMG the pastries. More about all of that later,¬†let’s hear what the store is all about…