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…yeah, you saw those dots. We take new years resolutions with a grain of salt because we think every day is a day to resolve to be more fabulous than yesterday!

In any case, here we have our resolutions for 2017…we’ll try our best to stick to them. Please comment below with any of yours, however serious or funny. We love it when you comment, share, like, heart, emoji, whatever us. 😁😁🙋🏼🙋🏼

We can’t believe how many amazing people we’ve met and businesses we “unlocked” in 2016 (hence the trip down memory lane with all the pics above)! We’re so excited for 2017 and the adventures we’ll surely have…and of course, we can’t wait to launch Unlocking Fairfield (January 9th, btw).

Happy New Year everyone!


Made you look!

As they say, you don’t really know a person until you start a blog with them. Ok, they totally don’t say that at all, but there’s some truth in there!

Although similar in many ways (a love of all things Food, Fashion, Fitness and Fun) we have discovered some differences. Here they are. Feel free to tell us whose column you match up with the most!

  1. Her favorite food is cilantro. “No, really. It makes everything better,” she says.
  2. She gets grossed out peeling stickers off of fruit.
  3. She was obsessed with Princess Diana from age 12 to 25.
  4. She’s an animal whisperer. Also the only one who could get eggs from the family chickens growing up.
  5. She needs the window seat when flying.
  6. She likes to laugh. A lot.
  7. She’ll watch classic films any day or time; particularly with Bette Davis, Laurence Olivier, and Myrna Loy.
  8. She does a mean Betty Boop imitation.
  9. She plays fetch with 2 of her 3 cats daily.
  10. She gets goosebumps during photoshoots when she nails the perfect shot!lora