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We think your mom/aunt/granny/fabulous female in your life would love any one of these gifts on our list!

We did the legwork and visited each of these 10 Litchfield County businesses to get the low-down on what they consider is THE perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Check it out, and remember, we always approve of treating thine own self!


March is the month for St. Patrick’s Day specials and delicious new menu items in restaurants. We did a mini tasting tour for you guys (I know…we take this job very seriously) and popped into a few of Litchfield County’s awesome eateries to find out, what’s for dinner?! And if you like this idea, we’ll do it again soon…we’re thinking April – What’s for dinner? Click on the headers for more details, hours, and all that jazz.

Comment below – what’s your fave LC restaurant? (PS – that luscious dish in our banner is from The Iron Rail in New Milford)

We almost drove off the road last year when we first spotted the sign for Litchfield Distillery. Whhhaaat, we have a distillery? Yes, we do!

Located at 569 Bantam Road (Route 202), this is Litchfield County’s newest (and I believe first) micro-distillery (not including those of you making moonshine in your backyard). It’s just what Litchfield County has been waiting for, along with a Trader Joes and a Zara 😉

In the video, brothers Jack and David Baker (owners of the distillery), and head distiller, James McCoy, give us a tour of the 15,000-square-foot facility. And of course, we have to sample the 3 handcrafted spirits they’re currently producing in small batches; gin, bourbon whiskey, and double barreled bourbon whiskey.

(sip, Lora, sip!)

Both the food and service at West Street Grill in Litchfield are first-class, top-notch, and any other hyphenated words you can think of that mean rrrrealllly excellent.

When we had a last minute schedule change and descended upon the West Street Grill for our CT Etiquette video feature, we learned first hand just how hospitable, and plain awesome, the West Street Grill is.

Remember that scene in Pretty Woman? The one where Julia Roberts’ character is taught which fork to use, and how to behave properly, for the upcoming business meal she’s to attend with Edward?  Us too! So when Karen Thomas, LC’s very own etiquette coach, and expert, asked if we’d like to join her for her Dining Debonair class, we said yes please…and thank you. We didn’t curtsy, but we thought about it.

It’s ok to be touchy-feely when you walk into R. Derwin Clothiers; in fact, Andrea Derwin encourages it. Richard Derwin opened R. Derwin Clothiers in the 80s and together he and Andrea now oversee the business, along with Andrea’s son Jonathan. When we went in a couple of weeks ago to get styled for our shoot, our hands were in heaven feeling every luxurious fabric Andrea pointed out to us. Cashmere, mohair, baby alpaca, leatha like butta – we touched it all!

You may know Ryan Kristafer as a co-host on CT Style on ABC 8, airing weekday mornings at 9 am right after Good Morning America. If you don’t, you should probably get familiar – I believe we’ll all be saying, “we remember Ryan when…,” when we see him on SNL in the future. That’s just our personal prediction; dude is funny!

We invited Ryan to come to LC to a) model beautiful clothes from R. Derwin Clothiers in Litchfield with us, and b) let us interview him. Of course, he said yes!

Watch as we spring Ryan with a game of “would you rather,” and bring on a surprise guest to make things even more interesting!

Calling all Vintage Hunters!! – and yes, that’s a thing. I Googled, “what do you call a person who loves the hunt for vintage treasures?” and it said, “Vintage Hunter.” Duh. If you’re a vintage hunter, or just a lover of boutiques with lots of cool treasures both new and old, the discovery of a fresh new “source,” is always exciting.

Last week I got to try on my first pair of Manolo Blahniks in the very best way. Finally, finally, having big feet was to my advantage. The story begins with Lora and me attending a talk at the Litchfield Historical Society given by George Malkemus and Tony Yurgaitis, CEO and Vice President of Manolo Blahnik. Just in case you don’t know your Manolo from your elbow – if there were a king of all shoe designers, Manolo would walk around with a crown on his head.

In a room of about 75 or so attendees, George and Tony shared the story of how Manolo became the world-renowned shoe designer that he is today. Here are our CliffsNotes.

This story begins way back in the early months of starting our blog, about 4 months ago. Sue Edelstein, on the board at Litchfield Hills Rowing Club saw what we were about to embark on and wanted in right away. Sue has excellent foresight. She wanted us to come and experience the joys of rowing so that we could spread the word. She’s extremely enthusiastic and passionate about the rowing experience, so of course we said yes. But first we had to do some pre-training to get us ready to get on the water come spring…which at that time seemed like a million days away!