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When Daniel Sanchez and James Michael Murphy at Onyx II Fine Jewelers invited us to join them for dinner at Good News Café to chat about a possible partnering idea; we won’t lie, we were intrigued!

To say we’re two women who love a bit of glitz and glam is an understatement. We do. We love it. Dan and James are perhaps the very definition – suave, stylish, and they know their diamonds. Dan is movie star handsome and James has cheekbones and hair that any supermodel would envy. When they proposed that we partner with them to host their annual open house and trunk show…we didn’t hesitate to say, “We do!”

Onyx II

I’m pretty sure that neither Lora nor I have ever been as laden in fine jewelry as we were the day we went to visit Daniel Sanchez and James Murphy at Onyx II Fine Jewelry. Located in Watertown, we asked if we could visit, play dress-up with all of their precious gems, and perhaps have a little Prosecco and ask a Q or 2. 😁

Nestled in the woods of Bethlehem, on a picturesque horse farm, is the jewelry design studio of Steinen Hurtado, owner of Steinen Jewelry. We first met Steinen (pronounced stay-nin) when we were working on our Valentine’s Day gift guide and not only fell in love with her work, but with her!

So while Bev is in “full-on-camp-mode” at Buck’s Rock, I decided to head over to Bethlehem to catch up with Steinen and get to know her better. I also wanted to see how things were going on the custom earrings she was creating for Bev and my sister Holly, for their matrons of honor outfits for the wedding!

Heads turn when a beautiful and stylish woman wearing wedge sandals and truly fabulous jewelry walks in the door at Shag Boutique in Roslyn, New York. This woman greets us immediately and her smile lights up the shop. This is Simone Smith. She was in town at the first store to carry her jewelry line, so we decided to take a little road trip to Shag, where co-owner Ann Corn welcomed us like family.

Brad Tranfield, owner of Robertson Jewelers both in New Milford and Litchfield, invited us into his New Milford store with open arms. He was brimming with enthusiasm talking about all the amazing lines he carries, the history behind his store’s location, the things that sets his store apart from others, and most importantly, the willingness to let us try on some of his gems so we could play at being jewelry models for the morning. How fabulous!