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Nutmeg Olive Oil

We’ve been in to visit Maureen Kenny, owner of Nutmeg Olive Oil (located right next door to Robertson Jewelers on the New Milford Green) a couple of times now – we’re hooked on her ultra and extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Maureen carries so many great flavored oils and vinegars and can recommend combinations that will make an iceberg lettuce salad taste fancy.

Our visit to the Hunt Hill Farm and Silo was twofold. A tour of the Silo store and museum with new Director Kate Vengrove and a cooking class at the Silo Cooking School. Bev and Lora are cooking…this doesn’t happen often in our respective houses! Check out the video to see the Silo grounds and the start of our cooking journey, and then look at the photos for the final presentation – we’re very proud!

Let it be known that neither Lora nor I are known in our circles for our culinary skills. Luckily we both have men in our lives that make sure we don’t starve, or eat cereal for dinner, because left to our own devices, well…We’re never against expanding our skill set, and thus, a celebrity cooking spot was born. Ok, so it’s not so much of the “cooking” and more of the “preparing” in our first video. We’re going to work up to cooking. Our first cooking segment was to be salads – perfect, as it is almost summer after all!