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The Silly Sprout

Come along, kids! We’re going to show you what’s going on in The Silly Sprout, a shop for children located at 469 Bantam Road, Litchfield. We met with owner Jessica Dell’aera for the full tour…and to see what the kids of Litchfield County are into these days.

Workshop Inc. is another one of those really great (slightly off the beaten path) clothing boutiques that we have here in Litchfield County. You’re either in the know, or you know now! This place is great! We discovered so many designers and lines that we never knew…and now love!!

We bring to you four different looks each and a Q&A with store owner Jan Nelson. Workshop Inc can be found at 10 Cobble Court, Litchfield, in perhaps the cutest cobblestone courtyard we’ve ever seen.

With a couple of days scheduled doing all the fashionista things of our dreams at NYFW, we asked Bartley Johnstone, stylist and owner of B. Johnstone in Kent, to help us come up with an amazing outfit for one of the days!

We asked Bartley to please kick us out of our comfort “go-to” zones, and help us put together an outfit that would scream “street style!”

Calling all Vintage Hunters!! – and yes, that’s a thing. I Googled, “what do you call a person who loves the hunt for vintage treasures?” and it said, “Vintage Hunter.” Duh. If you’re a vintage hunter, or just a lover of boutiques with lots of cool treasures both new and old, the discovery of a fresh new “source,” is always exciting.

Hello, our names are Lora and Bev and we are clothes-aholics.

Actually no, that sounds like it’s a problem, which it most definitely is not. We just have a healthy love for fashion and pretty things. There’s nothing wrong with that…right?