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Us: “Hiii Billy Blanks, fitness legend, karate champion, creator of Tae Bo! We totally love Tae Bo and did all your tapes. We can’t wait to workout with you!!!” Yep, two Tae Bo fangirls over here!

Come workout with fitness legend, Billy Blanks at the Wall Street Theater in Norwalk on January 28th. The best part? The Tae Bo Nation Family Fitness event is perfect for all fitness levels! We got to chat with Billy about the upcoming event, what his guilty pleasures are (does he even have any?), and lots more…👇🏻

Litchfield Magazine and TownVibe, we tip our hats to you for putting together the Taste of Litchfield! Litchfield County is a tasty place, so to get so many incredible restaurants, specialty markets, and distillers in one glorious location was so much fun, and super convenient for us tasters!

This was a foodies paradise…aka our paradise! Without further ado, here’s our highlights of the day, Unlocking Litchfield style. 🙋🏼💁🏻

Bethany Watson is a co-host on the extremely popular iHeartRADIO “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show,” which has millions of listeners tuning in every day. Bethany is also a kindred spirit. She is never without a coffee in hand…and if she is, then there’s a cocktail in its place. She keeps us up-to-date with the news and what’s trending, and can be (self-admittedly) totally nerdy (she does a piece on the morning show called Hip Hop Clarinet).

Lora knew Bethany from a previous photoshoot, so we said, “Hey Bethany, we’re going to be in the city, can we come visit you at the studio and ask you a bunch of random questions?” to which she replied, “Suuuuure, come on over!” She’s super nice like that.

  1. Her favorite food is cilantro. “No, really. It makes everything better,” she says.
  2. She loves red wine.
  3. She was obsessed with Princess Diana from age 12 to 25. She did realize that the Princess Diana hairstyle does not look good on her.
  4. She’s an animal whisperer. Also the only one who could get eggs from the family chickens growing up.
  5. She needs the window seat when flying.
  6. She likes to laugh. A lot. Most of the time, rather loudly.
  7. She’ll watch classic films any day or time; particularly with Bette Davis, Laurence Olivier, and Myrna Loy.
  8. Her favorite color is white.
  9. She plays fetch with 2 of her 3 cats daily.
  10. She gets goosebumps during photoshoots when she nails the perfect shot!lora
  1. Today is her birthday!
  2. She was born in Scotland and moved to the US when she was 20.
  3. Her accent comes out if you feed her wine or get her angry.
  4. She teaches Jazzercise on the side and is constantly doing routines in her head.
  5. She’s been working for the same Performing and Creative Arts Summer camp since she was 19.
  6. Her favorite movie that she has watched hundreds of times is Dirty Dancing.
  7. She loves all animals and will kiss them on their furry faces, even though her mum always told her not to.
  8. If she could eat only one thing for the rest of her life, she’d choose warm bread and butter.
  9. She likes practically every form of exercise (good thing due to #8)
  10. She’s a pretty good juggler.


We had the pleasure of meeting actress Mizuo Peck, best known for her role as Sacajawea in the Night at the Museum movies, when she came up from the city to Lora’s studio in New Milford for a photo shoot in March. Mizuo is beautiful, poised, composed, and gracious enough to let Unlocking Litchfield practice our interviewing techniques on her.

Here’s what we chatted about…