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L.L. Bean

To spend a day in Freeport, Maine, one really must be dressed appropriately. There is nothing more befitting than to be decked out in L.L. Bean, or “the Bean,” as they say, when in Freeport. Clothes that are practical in design, high in quality, and made for the active outdoorsy types – or for those that like to look the part 😉

Ahhh, Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars (not to be confused with Stags’ Leap Winery). For Cabernet lovers like me, you know this one’s a winner. If you’ve seen the movie Bottleshock, you know the Judgment of Paris. And if you don’t, Stag’s Leap’s 1973 Cabernet Sauvignon, the vineyard’s first commercial crop, shocked the wine world when it won first place among ten top French and California red wines in a blind taste test by leading French wine experts in the Paris tasting.

Confession: I used to wear glasses with non-prescription lenses before I needed them for real! I love glasses! Totally just another accessory to have fun with, right? Life is too short to commit to one pair for years on end, but they’re also not the cheapest of accessory – cue party streamers and ticker tape when Warby Parker came on the scene in 2010.

After a busy morning shopping in the city, and for the finale of our NYC Getaway feature, we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at Le Colonial (149 East 57th Street, New York b/t Lexington Ave & 3rd Ave). Besides wanting to eat some French-Vietnamese food, we also wanted to check out this colonial-themed restaurant we’d heard about (oh you know, certain people are known to hang out there, cough, Paul McCartney, cough, the King of Spain…).

If you read about our walk here (in our Library Hotel post), you’ll know we were more than ready to sit down, relax, and enjoy some dinner and drinks. Bread and Tulips, located at 365 Park Avenue South @ 26th Street was our restaurant of choice for the evening, chosen for the name (we like bread, we like tulips) but mainly because our friends at the Library Hotel recommended them.

For Lora’s experience at Opus One, please see the text at the bottom of the article. We were honored to have chatted with David Pearson, appointed as CEO in 2004, the first person singly responsible for Opus One…….a must read:

Meet Opus One CEO, David Pearson…


Hello. Welcome to our brand new category – Getaways. As much as we love our rolling hills of Litchfield County, the nature and country living, sometimes we get ants in our pants and itchy feet and have to just…Getaway. We’re going to pack our bags, hit the road, and have ourselves some adventures away from home. We’ll tell you where we stay, where we eat and what we do, in an enjoyable fun way; not in a snore-fest-please-stop-talking-about-your-vacation way (promise!). Maybe we’ll give you some ideas for some getaway time of your own.

Barbara Gerwit

Just days before we took the drive up to Salisbury, CT to dine and stay over at The White Hart Inn, it was announced that they had been selected as one of Bon Appétit‘s “50 Best New Restaurants” in the country! Our timing is impeccable once again. The drive through Litchfield County to get to the northwest corner is seriously beautiful; a photographer’s dream. As we drove through Salisbury our heads were doing 360 degree turns taking in a bunch of really great stores which we’re curious to go back and investigate.