Kate’s Saddlery & Feed Store

Whoa! Litchfield County just got a brand new store. Kate’s Saddlery opened in Morris three weeks ago and Kate Scappini, new biz owner, invited us to come check it out, Unlocking Litchfield style. We love that drive up to Morris and felt we could always use a new pair of jodhpurs, so off we trotted…

Kate’s Saddlery has everything for horse and rider under one roof. The store is a charming space to shop in – equestrian or not. There are some really cute clothes that non-riders could totally rock. It’s worth the stop on your next LC country drive!

Worth mentioning…the products Kate carries in the store can also be purchased through her website.

Here, we’ll show you around while we fire a bunch of Q’s at Kate. She was great and didn’t mind a bit when we quickly turned our visit into a mini fashion shoot. Keep scrolling.

Tell us about the store…we don’t frequent too many tack stores, to be honest, but this is totally not what we imagined! It’s so cute and nicely merchandised!

I wanted to give horse lovers and equestrians a nice comfortable shopping experience. But we do offer casual clothing, as well, so you don’t necessarily need to be a rider to shop here! People have been coming in and loving the vibe. It feels comfortable and homey. We have a little coffee bar, a place to sit.

So you sell clothing, accessories, and feed?

All riding apparel, tack, and gifts. We’re going to sell horse feed, but not yet. I’m doing research to find an organic, holistic type of grain that can’t be bought around here. 

Have you been riding forever?

Yes. I started when I was in 2nd grade and never stopped. I got my first horse when I was 12 and I still have him.

Did you grow up around here?

I grew up in Durham, small little town. Coming here felt like home. I moved here about a year and a half ago when I got engaged.

Silicon grippy pants! And we love this hat!

Tell us about the lines you carry…

We have high-quality merchandise at an affordable price. The products we have available in-store and online are ones that we have personally used and trust and can easily stand behind.

Kids to adult size clothing?

Yes. Everything for horse and rider of all ages!

You also have a little dog section we see…

Yes, we have that as a convenience. Mostly every horse person has a dog.

So smart, you have a consignment section!

Yes, we have a dedicated space to consignment items. It makes sense to make money back on clothes and/or tack not being used anymore.

What are your hours?

10-6 weekdays, except Tuesday, 10-4 Sat, 11-4 Sunday.

This belt comes in many colors!

So run (or trot) on over and say hello!


197 South Street, Morris, CT 06763

Email: Kate@KatesHorse.com

Pics: Lora  Words: Bev