Elizabeth Richard – Wedding Registry

Elizabeth Richard

With my wedding fast approaching, it was time to do some “wedding registering” at one of my favorite stores, Elizabeth Richard in Woodbury, CT. With brand names like Waterford, Kate Spade, Mariposa, Spode, and Vietri, to name a few, I knew it was the perfect place to register with Michael….


Not quite knowing where to start, we made an appointment with owner Lori Greene, and she was right there with her gorgeous smile to greet us at the door when we arrived. Never fear; through the whole process, she or someone on her team (thank you so much, Maria!) is at your service to guide and suggest items that may be needed that you didn’t even think about (but quickly realize you needed!).


We started off with a tour from Lori on the layout of the shop, the brands they carry, and even tips on care for the luxurious crystal, china and Mariposa’s 100% recycled aluminum products. Next up, we got to “shop” for things we loved and wanted to have in our home as a married couple!


Michael has a great eye for style, and before I even had a chance to look at the china options, he was pointing out a stunning Waterford Lismore Diamond Lapis place setting. It was perfect for us. We love us some color! There’s such a great variety of styles and patterns to choose from, that any bride and groom will find the perfect setting for them.


Glassware was next, and we were both drawn to the same set of Waterford crystal designed by Monique Lhuillier, the “Ellypse“. Registering is pretty easy when you and your fiancé have the same taste! As Michael does the cooking (I know, winning!), Lori talked to him about items he felt he needed and she guided him to certain things, which we loved (I can appreciate kitchen items even if I don’t use them!).


Some of the reasons every bride in Litchfield County needs to register at ER, as opposed to a big box store: they will hand deliver the gifts if local, free gift wrapping (every day) and free shipping (if bought off of the registry). With today’s busy brides, Lori will even text her customers (with their permission) with proofs or things that just arrived that a bride may love to add. Fabuloso! It’s so easy to add on to your registry with the click of a mouse. Not to mention the personalized service and attention you get from Lori and her team.


Lori was so great at reminding us of the little things too – like custom cocktail napkins and guest towels for the reception. Ahh, love the details! Now to pick color and font…


Make sure you check out our earlier feature on Elizabeth Richard. You don’t need to be a bride to shop there. 🙂



Thank you Lori & Art. We had a blast!


Lora & Michael

Photos by Lora Warnick & Rose Buckens (thanks, Rose!)

Elizabeth Richard, 20 Sherman Hill Road, Woodbury, CT


e: gifts@shoperg.com