Kathy Henkel Fitness

There should be a t-shirt that says “I survived a class with Kathy Henkel” – we would deserve one. We took a sample class of a little bit of everything Kathy offers at her studio and survived to tell the tale, just!

Kathy Henkel Fitness studio is a women’s only studio located conveniently in downtown New Milford on the green.

Perhaps sharing a turkey Reuben sandwich a half hour before filming this video wasn’t the smartest idea  – maybe that’s why we couldn’t quite keep up with the push-ups. Regardless, I think we did pretty well, take a look…

If you love being pushed hard and doing some serious weight work, “Burn it Up” is for you. And if you missed your calling of being a drummer in an all-female rock band – you have to try “Rock Out” – the work out with drumsticks and the best soundtrack! If you like to “lift things up and put them down,” try a boot camp class. Oh, and if you like to let off some steam by whacking and kicking a punching bag repeatedly (feels SO good) “Strike” is the class for you. Check out the rest of Kathy’s classes here.

Kathy has been in the fitness industry for close to 30 years and it shows, both in her professionalism and physique – strong woman body goals!

Always athletic, I found out Kathy was a baton twirler in her high school days– me too! I think she should teach an adult twirling class…only it would have to be outside, in an open field, with head protection. Just an idea.

If you like the thought of going back to how you moved in your younger years, try a Hoop n Core class! Did you see how good Lora was in the video?! I’m so impressed.

Kathy is always coming up with fun, fresh classes to offer at her studio, including Stiletto Strength, a class she brought to the Dr. Oz show.

Kathy can modify almost all of her classes to suit any fitness levels. Contact her to set up a complimentary fitness evaluation, or dive right in and go check out a class. Tell us how it goes, and you may want to avoid eating a sandwich for at least an hour beforehand. Learn from us.


Kathy Henkel Fitness
27 Main Street, New Milford, CT 06776

Article by Beverley Canepari, photographs by Lora Warnick. Video by Tim Lenz.