Todd Laurence Austin – TLAustinDesign

Over the hill and through the woods we went, to the very top of Music Mountain in Falls Village. This is where we would find Todd Austin and his furniture, fine art, and architectural design studio. Having received a bachelor’s degree for both fine art and architecture from Rhode Island School of Design, Todd combines his knowledge of both mediums (and many more), in the original work he produces today.


Todd Austin, and his girlfriend Sara Laser (freelance creative consultant, specializing in gallery and art events, marketing and website design) have found an idyllic spot in Litchfield County to create, without too many distractions.


In the video, Todd tells us the thought process behind some of his artwork, how he was able to remain creative while serving in Iraq, and I make my first attempt at welding (way harder than it looks).



With a wood fire keeping the studio warm, Todd showed us a natural slab of wood that he was working on turning into a table.  Pointing out the lines and natural curves of the wood, (bought locally at Berkshire Products) Todd explained how he would let the wood guide him in his design.


And here’s Todd with one of his tables that ended up in Ryan Serhant’s office, from Million Dollar Listing NY.


Even though I’ve worked for Buck’s Rock Camp for many, many years – where I could have tried welding anytime – I never have. When Todd asked if either of us might like to try our hand at it, I jumped at the chance. It was about time I knew what was happening behind that welding curtain at camp!

First lesson – never, ever, look at the flame with your naked eye. Second lesson – never, ever, expect to look good in safety gear. Unless you are Todd, it would seem.



Quite exhilarating really. Initially, you just have to press the button and hope for the best. At least, that’s what I did.

Even every day kindling becomes art and functional decor.


Huge thanks to Todd for having us over and inspiring us artistically!

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Article by Beverley Canepari, photos by Lora Warnick (use of photo of Todd and Ryan & table at Morrison Gallery used by permission), video by Tim Lenz. Music by BenSound.