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Clinton Kelly

Both of us are long time Clinton Kelly fans having watched hundreds of episodes of “What Not To Wear” (we love Stacy too!). When we saw Clinton had launched a clothing line sold through QVC, we decided to set ourselves a challenge; style Clinton Kelly’s Ponte pants 3 different ways, each!

Not only did Clinton critique our looks (by our request), he answered a few questions for us. Confirming for us what we already suspected, he is a really great guy!

Check out our interview with Clinton Kelly, then keep scrolling to see the looks we put together. All photos are shot on location in Kent and in the Morrison Gallery.  Our lovely hairdos are courtesy of the wonder women of David Gavin Salon.

Calling all Vintage Hunters!! – and yes, that’s a thing. I Googled, “what do you call a person who loves the hunt for vintage treasures?” and it said, “Vintage Hunter.” Duh. If you’re a vintage hunter, or just a lover of boutiques with lots of cool treasures both new and old, the discovery of a fresh new “source,” is always exciting.

If you read about our walk here (in our Library Hotel post), you’ll know we were more than ready to sit down, relax, and enjoy some dinner and drinks. Bread and Tulips, located at 365 Park Avenue South @ 26th Street was our restaurant of choice for the evening, chosen for the name (we like bread, we like tulips) but mainly because our friends at the Library Hotel recommended them.

For Lora’s experience at Opus One, please see the text at the bottom of the article. We were honored to have chatted with David Pearson, appointed as CEO in 2004, the first person singly responsible for Opus One…….a must read:

Meet Opus One CEO, David Pearson…


Hello. Welcome to our brand new category – Getaways. As much as we love our rolling hills of Litchfield County, the nature and country living, sometimes we get ants in our pants and itchy feet and have to just…Getaway. We’re going to pack our bags, hit the road, and have ourselves some adventures away from home. We’ll tell you where we stay, where we eat and what we do, in an enjoyable fun way; not in a snore-fest-please-stop-talking-about-your-vacation way (promise!). Maybe we’ll give you some ideas for some getaway time of your own.

Swirl, smell, swish, savor (or swallow). Oh yeah…it’s wine tasting time!

You may have noticed that wine seems to make its way into most of our stories; visits to boutiques, cheese shops, even house tours; somehow we find a way to incorporate our favorite beverage. We are wine appreciators.

I’d heard about the great local vineyards we have around us in Litchfield County, but never took the time to visit. Now I ask myself, what the heck was I waiting for, a written invitation?! Well, we got one, in the form of an email. Maria Miranda invited Unlocking Litchfield to come on up to Goshen to see what they’re all about, and of course, taste.

Ok, level with us. Have you ever gone out for a Sunday drive around Litchfield County and wanted to stop and knock on the doors of some of the impressive homes you see? Wouldn’t you like to meet their owners and have a look around? If the answer is yes, then you’re in luck – Unlocking Litchfield’s own version of “MTV Cribs” is here! We plan on meeting some of our Litchfield County neighbors, one by fabulous one.

South Farms

Do you ever have friends or family over from out of town and it’s up to you to come up with something to do that’ll appeal to them all? Where can you go that Dad can find something for his sweet tooth; somewhere that your cousin can fill her basket with local fresh fruit, veg and heritage breed meat (and hopefully offer to cook later, jeez)? Where is there a place that your hyper niece can get rid of some of that energy by running through a whopper of a corn maze…and everyone can get their shop on and enjoy some top shelf gourmet lunch? Ding-a-ling. We have the answer! Morris Marketplace at South Farms in Morris. Pack up your car and take a little trip to see all that this gorgeous spot, smack in the middle of Morris, has to offer.