Cooking with Kimberley Locke

Let it be known that neither Lora nor I are known in our circles for our culinary skills. Luckily we both have men in our lives that make sure we don’t starve, or eat cereal for dinner, because left to our own devices, well…We’re never against expanding our skill set, and thus, a celebrity cooking spot was born. Ok, so it’s not so much of the “cooking” and more of the “preparing” in our first video. We’re going to work up to cooking. Our first cooking segment was to be salads – perfect, as it is almost summer after all!

You’d be amazed at the kind of preparation that goes into making one of these things. As Mattie Stepanek said, “when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” We’re so thankful for the team of people below:

Kimberley Locke – Celebrity guest, our friend, American Idol finalist, and somebody who is an amazing cook, as well as possessing many other talents! She also happens to have lots of experience with producing her own Cooking with Kimberley show

Powerhouse Appliances – Jay and Jeffrey Buzaid rock for letting us use the beautiful kitchen in their New Milford location

Nutmeg Olive Oil Company – Delicious olive oil and vinegar of the freshest, purest, and highest quality – go see Maureen!

Hopkins Vineyard – Our amazing wine sponsor; because hello, 3 women in a kitchen together

Sharoan’s Hair Studio – For making our hair and make-up look on pointe

Tim Lenz – Our talented videographer

Back to the show – you need not know any more of what went into it, just sit back, enjoy, and be prepared to have a salad hankering (and glass of wine) after watching!

Update: We’re addicted to grilled romaine and can’t stop eating it. Who knew lettuce could taste so good?

What do you think? We think we have great potential….perhaps we’ll move up to desserts next. Comment below on what you’d like us to make.

Photos by Lora Warnick

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  • Kristen Mathias


  • Sharoan Westervelt

    I’ve known Bev for a long time. So when she told me she was going to blog about different businesses in our Litchfield Hills area it didn’t surprise me that she was really going to do it! I would say that if you were to have your choice of two women to blog about your business hands down Beverly and Lora you could’ve picked a better pair then these two enthusiastic beautiful ladies.
    I was so happy to be a part of unlocking Litchfield and getting these two fabulous women camera ready! They have opened my eyes to many other businesses that I wasn’t aware of in our area. I hope more businesses invite them so they can blog about what their specialties are and we can all learn of them.

    Thank you again ladies for the opportunity to join in on the fun!

    • LoraBev

      Ahh Sharoan, you’re so welcome! Will be back for another blow out soon, loved our hair!

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