10 Completely Random Things About Lora

  1. Her favorite food is cilantro. “No, really. It makes everything better,” she says.
  2. She loves red wine.
  3. She was obsessed with Princess Diana from age 12 to 25. She did realize that the Princess Diana hairstyle does not look good on her.
  4. She’s an animal whisperer. Also the only one who could get eggs from the family chickens growing up.
  5. She needs the window seat when flying.
  6. She likes to laugh. A lot. Most of the time, rather loudly.
  7. She’ll watch classic films any day or time; particularly with Bette Davis, Laurence Olivier, and Myrna Loy.
  8. Her favorite color is white.
  9. She plays fetch with 2 of her 3 cats daily.
  10. She gets goosebumps during photoshoots when she nails the perfect shot!lora