Posts Written OnMay 2015

  1. Her favorite food is cilantro. “No, really. It makes everything better,” she says.
  2. She gets grossed out peeling stickers off of fruit.
  3. She was obsessed with Princess Diana from age 12 to 25.
  4. She’s an animal whisperer. Also the only one who could get eggs from the family chickens growing up.
  5. She needs the window seat when flying.
  6. She likes to laugh. A lot.
  7. She’ll watch classic films any day or time; particularly with Bette Davis, Laurence Olivier, and Myrna Loy.
  8. She does a mean Betty Boop imitation.
  9. She plays fetch with 2 of her 3 cats daily.
  10. She gets goosebumps during photoshoots when she nails the perfect shot!lora
  1. Today is her birthday!
  2. She was born in Scotland and moved to the US when she was 20.
  3. Her accent comes out if you feed her wine or get her angry.
  4. She teaches Jazzercise on the side and is constantly doing routines in her head.
  5. She’s been working for the same Performing and Creative Arts Summer camp since she was 19.
  6. Her favorite movie that she has watched hundreds of times, is Dirty Dancing.
  7. She loves all animals and will kiss them on their furry faces, even though her mum always told her not to.
  8. If she could eat only one thing for the rest of her life, she’d choose warm bread and butter.
  9. She likes practically every form of exercise (good thing due to #8)
  10. She’s a pretty good juggler.


Hello, our names are Lora and Bev and we are clothes-aholics.

Actually no, that sounds like it’s a problem, which it most definitely is not. We just have a healthy love for fashion and pretty things. There’s nothing wrong with that…right?