Les Beaux Vous Salon & Spa

Once upon a time, Lora and Bev traveled north to salon and spa, Les Beaux Vous in Torrington, to meet up with their Fairy Beauty Godmother, Linda Temkin.

Linda told Lora and Bev that she would grant them each one wish.

Lora said, “Fairy Beauty Godmother, my skin isn’t so soft to the touch, and I’m feeling rather pale, please grant me the wish of softer skin and a subtle bronzed glow.”

Bev said, “Fairy Beauty Godmother, I was born with such stumpy little eyelashes, please grant me the wish of long, natural looking lashes…definitely not like the lashes of a camel, for I have had a bad experience in the past.”

Linda looked at the two kindly, twitched her nose, clicked her heels, and poof, Lora and Bev were whisked away to separate chambers for magic to be done!

Bev’s experience

My lash NovaLash extensionist, Tristine, had me lie down and get comfortable on a massage table in one of Les Beaux Vous’ calming spa rooms. NovaLash stickers were placed below my eyes and I was instructed not to open my eyes for the next 1.5-2 hours. No problem! Tristine told me that her clients often take a nap during the process and it’s honestly a miracle to me that I didn’t, but I was in a chatty mood and had to tell her my life story. Friends have asked me if it hurt, and the answer is no. I did open my eyes once, and it stung a little, but no biggie. It just feels like somebody is fiddling around with your eyelashes and there’s some gentle tugging when she separates them, but that’s it. Two hours later and I LOVED the results; instant glamour and the eyelashes I’ve always dreamed of! Instead of applying mascara in the mornings, I now just give them a little comb with my special NovaLash brush. They’ll last up to 4 weeks and can be filled within 2, 3 or 4 weeks.

Lora’s experience

With the winter over (finally!), my skin felt a little dry and not so soft. I was also craving a little more color, but wanted to keep away from skin damaging tanning beds. LBV has the perfect solution! Their “Bronzing Body-Facial Treatment” started with a full body sea salt and coconut oil exfoliation, and something a little gentler for the facial treatment. After that, I took a quick hop into a hot shower, conveniently located in the treatment room, and then back onto the table for an application of YonKa Bronzing lotion. It was hard for me to stay awake! Jessica, who is a new employee at LBV, knew just when to chat and when to let me relax and listen to the soft music playing in the background of the dimly lit room. A gentle glow started to develop on my skin over the next few hours (I kept checking, maybe a little obsessively). What’s really fab is that LBV sells YonKa products that allow you to keep adding on to your color in your own home.

Les Beaux Vous is located on Franklin Street in Torrington. Finding the entrance is a little bit tricky if you’ve never been, just go to the end of the brick building and round the corner. The building holds some history and Les Beaux Vous has done an excellent job with its renovation, keeping it equal parts modern and original. We love the range of services they offer, skin treatments, Ayurvedic body therapies and massage, Nufree hair removal, threading, NovaLashes, and custom make-up blending, to name just a few.

Les Beaux Vous offers some great specials throughout the year and coming up on April 29th is “The Beauty Event” which includes a mini facial, beauty blender, custom blended foundation, AND they’ll help you clean out your make-up bag and give you a step by step lesson and written instructions for a fun new look ALL for just $75! Bargain alert! Call if you want to go.

We want to thank our FBG (Fairy Beauty Godmother) Linda and all her crew. Our wishes were well and truly granted!

Lora’s fave: The variety of services at the salon and spa; there’s something for everyone.

Bev’s fave: The cool and trendy vibe of the salon and spa.

Les Beaux Vous Salon and Spa is located at 23 Franklin Street, Torrington, CT 06790
Website : www.lbvsalonspa.com
Phone Number: 860-489-1748
Hours: Tues+Weds 9-8, Thurs 7-8, Friday 9-7, Sat 8-3